The Quiet Professional: Major Richard J. Meadows of the U.S. Army Special Forces (American Warriors Series) by [Hoe, Alan]

Major “Dick” Meadows was vital to the early days of the Special Operations and Special Forces. He had a rocket of a career and took on any challenges he could get involved with. This attitude and his reputation allowed Meadows to train with the British SAS and bring back Military Free Fall (MFF) as a new method of infiltration for the US Special Forces. 

Meadows continued to take on challenges in creating Delta Force and setting up Operation Eagle Claw. He later served in Latin America as a private contractor, establishing security and advising.

Major Richard J. “Dick” Meadows is renowned in military circles as a key figure in the development of the U.S. Army Special Operations. A highly decorated war veteran of the engagements in Korea and Vietnam, Meadows was instrumental in the founding of the U.S. Delta Force and hostage rescue force. Although he officially retired in 1977, Meadows could never leave the army behind, and he went undercover in the clandestine operations to free American hostages from Iran in 1980.

The Quiet Professional: Major Richard J. Meadows of the U.S. Army Special Forces is the only biography of this exemplary soldier’s life. Military historian Alan Hoe offers unique insight into Meadows, having served alongside him in 1960. The Quiet Professional is an insider’s account that gives a human face to U.S. military strategy during the cold war. Major Meadows often claimed that he never achieved anything significant; The Quiet Professional proves otherwise, showcasing one of the great military minds of twentieth-century America.

A Statue of Major Richard Meadows was erected at the Special Operations Command in Fort Bragg and can be found in the Memorial grounds. 

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