Lessons from a former delta force commander

Lessons learned from a career in the Delta Force and a completely new look at Operation Anaconda.

About The Mission, The Men, and Me.

The lessons discussed in this book apply far beyond the battlefield to all forms of Leadership. 

A very gripping read filled with excitement and memorable tips to be a great leader and get your mission done – in the military or civilian world. Even compared to other CAG books, like “Inside Delta Force,” Pete Blaber gives a rare insight into a more modern Delta Force with its awe and even with its issues and bureaucracy.

You will laugh at some of the humor and question what you really know about some of the events after 9/11. Reading this book will motivate you more than you can imagine and you will be looking up more information about Delta Force. This book is as entertaining as Inside Delta Force By Eric Haney but much more modern and focuses much more on skills anyone can use.



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