Frequently Asked Questions while at Fort Bragg SWCS

If you are thinking about going to Selection or you are preparing to move to Fort Bragg you are likely to have questions that others can help you answer.

Q: Who do I talk to about going to SOF Selection as a Reservist vs Active Duty Soldier?

A: Active duty Soldiers will contact Special Operations Recruiting Branch (SORB) to establish a Selection date and determine eligibility. 

Reserve and National Guard Soldiers will  contact a local recruiter to determine eligibility and to ask for Conditional Release from your Unit, with a DD368

Q: Are you allowed to drive while in the Qualification Course (Q)?

A: Students are allowed to Drive during the Q because they are considered permanent party. 

37Xs and 18Xs are also allowed to drive but may be restricted from motorcycles until after they are Selected. 

Uber and Lyft operate around Ft. Bragg and there is a “Lemon Lot” near the North PX.

Q: Biggest Question: If I don’t get Selected, do I become infantry?

A: If you are an 18X/37X and do not get selected, you will be removed from training and await reclassification at OT.

You may be allowed to attempt another SOF Selection depending on your situation. Talk to SORB even if you need a waiver. If your previous MOS is overstaffed then you will most likely go “Needs of the Army” Reenlistment and Reclassification INOUT Calls will show if your previous MOS is overstaffed.

Q: Where is the SWCS Mailroom?

The small entrance to the right of the Bryant Hall main entrance.

Q: What can you do on your free time at SWCS?

A: Train using the THOR3 Workouts. Ruck Area J or Hoffman.

Explore Raven Rock, Willmington, and Raleigh. 

Learn a language

Get an AAM for donating plasma at the Blood Donor Center. You don’t have to be the Operator with only 2 ribbons anymore.

Q: What are you allowed to do during Prep Course or Selection?

A: Prep Course will provide enough time to read and workout. There is a big emphasis on recovery and rolling our after workouts.

Q: Are you allowed to travel while at SWCS?

A: See Cadre. 

During the Q, Soldiers may have different travel restrictions based on different ranges. There may be opportunities to put in a pass. See Quick Army Links to download a DA31


Q: Can I train combatives or Ju-Jitsu while at SWCS?

A: Cadre may not allow high risk sports during the Q or before Selection. 

For those trying to roll, there is a Combatives gym in the Ice Skating Rink basement.  

Q: As Prior Service, do I have to go to Basic Training again?

A: Prior Service Xrays without an infantry MOS will go through OSUT in most cases. This includes prior-service xrays from different services.

Soldiers will be placed at whatever stage in OSUT that is available. This could be day one, prepare for this.

Q: Will I be allowed to bring my family during Selection?

A: Xrays will not be allowed to PCS to Fort Bragg until after Selection. Prep Course and Out of Training can extend this time. 

In most cases Soldiers must maintain barracks , Soldiers that live off post do so on their own dime.


Q: What happens if I drop after Airborne School?

A: Soldiers will lose jump wings and be sent to reclassify their MOS to  “needs of the Army” (not necessarily Infantry )

Q: As an 18X or 37X, how long does it take until I go to Selection.

A: After Reception (up to a week), Soldiers will go to “Airborne Hold” until they either go to Airborne or until you go to OSUT (3-18 weeks).

After Airborne School, Xray Soldiers will process into SWCS (1 week)  and wait to go to a Preparation Course. 

After the Preparation Course, Soldiers are slotted for the next upcoming Selection.

Q: If I become injured during Selection or Preparation Course what happens?

A: Soldiers will be held for a while until they are ready to reinsert into the pipeline, wait at OT during medical treatment and rehabilitation, or may be processed out of the military depending on the Soldier’s situation.

Q: When do I take the DLAB and TABE for Selection?


Special Forces A Candidate will take the TABE along with other tests during gate week at SFAS.

A Candidate will take the DLAB during the last few days of SFAS. This along with the needs of the Special Forces and the Army will determine your assigned language (“CLANG”) which will determine your Group based on which region is covered.

Civil Affairs & PSYOP Candidates will take the DLAB Prior to POAS/CAAS.

Check out the DLAB STUDY GUIDE and the TABE Test Prep

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