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THOR3 covers SWCS for Training and Nutrition.

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The McMillan Running Calculator is used for these training plans. Find the McMillan Running Calculator Here


THOR 3 Training Program 

Selection Training Plans 

From Zero to Selected

6 Week Plan:

THOR3 – 6 Week Run/Ruck

SFAS 6 Week Strength Training


10 Week Plan:

THOR3 – 10 Week Run/Ruck

SFAS 10 Week Strength Training


14 Week Plan:

THOR3 – 14 Week Run/Ruck

SFAS 14 Week Strength Training

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If you are looking for information about the requirements, and what it means to be a part of SF or the Special Operations you should check out it is full of information to get you started.

Also, you can check out

  • Humans are more important than Hardware.
  • Quality is better than Quantity.
  • Special Operations Forces cannot be mass-produced.
  • Competent Special Operations Forces cannot be created after emergencies occur.
  • Most Special Operations require non-SOF assistance
  • Understand the operational environment
  • Recognize political implications
  • Facilitate interagency activities
  • Engage the threat discriminately
  • Consider long-term effects
  • Ensure legitimacy and credibility of Special Operations
  • Anticipate and control psychological effects
  • Apply capabilities indirectly
  • Develop multiple options
  • Ensure long-term sustainment
  • Provide sufficient intelligence
  • Balance security and synchronization

The SWCS Patch :

The lamp placed in the center of the shield refers to the U.S. Army Special Warfare Center (predecessor unit). The lamp also alludes to the U.S. Army Special Warfare School and the three tongues of flames to the three prime areas of instruction for which the School is responsible: Psychological Operations, Counter Insurgency, and Unconventional Warfare.

The unconventional outline of the lamp, in simulating the shape of the Greek letter “Psi,” refers symbolically to psychology – the traits, feelings, actions and attributes, collectively, of the mind; the tongues of flame implying the spoken and written words which are major tools of Psychological Warfare. The three flame sprouts at the top of the lamp simulate the heraldic delineation “embattled” – to array for battle.

The two crossed arrows refer to the silence and stealth with which our early frontiersmen fought for the new found freedom in the New World, as well as the ingenuity, courage, and survival by the usage of wasplike, yet devastating, attacks through the employment of irregular tactics, techniques and logistical support. The arrow, straight and true, thus characterizes the Special Forces of today. The color black signifies wisdom and prudence, the white perfection and faith, and the yellow constancy and inspiration. The black and white also allude to the “degrees” of propaganda used by Special Warfare units, a “gray degree” resulting from the admixture of black and white.


Where are PYSOP or CA located?

PSYOP and CA groups are all stationed at Fort Bragg, NC.

Special Forces

Where can I be stationed upon completion of my Special Forces Training?

A:There are five Active Special Forces Groups that are regionally oriented for missions throughout the world.

  • 1st Special Forces Group is located at Fort Lewis, Washington and Okinawa, Japan.
    • PACOM
  • 3rd Special Forces Group is located at Fort Bragg, North Carolina
  • 5th Special Forces Group is located at Fort Campbell, Kentucky.
  • 7th Special Forces Group is located at Eglin AFB, Florida.
  • 10th Special Forces Group is located at Fort Carson, Colorado and Stuttgart, Germany.
    • EUCOM

Special Forces Creed

I am an American Special Forces Soldier.

I will do all that my nation requires of me.
I am a volunteer, knowing well the hazards of my profession.

I serve with the memory of those who have gone before me.
I pledge to uphold the honor and integrity of their legacy
in all that I am – in all that I do.

I am a warrior.
I will teach and fight whenever and wherever my nation requires.
I will strive always to excel in every art and artifice of war.

I know that I will be called upon to perform tasks in isolation,
far from familiar faces and voices.
With the help and guidance of my faith,
I will conquer my fears and succeed.

I will keep my mind and body clean, alert and strong.
I will maintain my arms and equipment in
an immaculate state befitting a Special Forces Soldier,
for this is my debt to those who depend on me.

I will not fail those with whom I serve.
I will not bring shame upon myself or Special Forces.

I will never leave a fallen comrade.
I will never surrender though I am the last.
If I am taken, I pray that I have the strength
to defy my enemy.

I am a member of my Nation’s chosen soldiery,
I serve quietly, not seeking recognition or accolades.
My goal is to succeed in my mission – and live to succeed again.

De Oppresso Liber


Throughout history, in war and peace, I have played many roles.
I am inspiration.
I am motivation.
I am intimidation.
I am deception.

I was the inspiration for Hannibal to take his elephants over the Alps.
I was the motivation in the words “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death” and “Remember the Alamo”.
I was the intimidation of the sound of Gideon’s trumpets.
I was the deception used against the Trojans.
I was and I am…PSYOP.

I rode with Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Genghis Khan and Sun Tsu.
I saw action in both World Wars and in Korea and Vietnam.
I helped bring a speedy victory in Just Cause and Desert Storm.
I brought the hope of peace to Haiti, Somalia, Bosnia, Kosovo and Afghanistan
I was and I am…PSYOP.

I was the “talking tanks” asking the Nazi soldiers, “why die for a lost cause?”
I was the leaflet which told the Japanese to “Cease Resistance”.
I was the Commando Solo broadcasts to the Taliban warning them that,
“we will destroy those who harbor terrorism.
I was and I am…PSYOP.

I bring the light of truth where before lay the darkness of lies.
I deliver hope to those who are in despair.
I bring fear to those who believe their actions are without consequence.
I was and I am…PSYOP.

I am that voice that tells the enemy to surrender or die.
I am the shadow of doubt that makes the enemy question their actions.
I am that power of influence that despots despise.
I was and I am…PSYOP.

I am the broadcast of reason over radio, television and loudspeaker.
I am the light of truth in print media, leaflet, newspaper, handbill or poster.
I am the force multiplier that wins my country’s wars.
I was, I am and I will forever remain…PSYOP.

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