Bowline Knot

Bowline Knot: The Essential Knot

Uses: The Bowline makes a reasonably secure loop at the end of a rope.

Under load, it does not slip or bind, but nearly impossible to untie.**

With no load, it can be untied easily. Two bowlines can be linked together to join two ropes [however there are better knots for this purpose – see Water Knot, Square Knot, Sheet Bend ].

**Its principal shortcoming is that it cannot be tied, or untied when there is a load on the standing end. ( Info from )

The bowline can be used to tie quick slip knots for your canteens, to tie down your multi-tool, flashlight, or anything else you might find yourself carrying on your Ruck or FLC. It is a great knot for tying things off to static post or lines.



This is one of the most used methods for tying the Bowline Knot:



Bowline Knot for pulling things

The bowline knot can also be used for pulling things if you tie the knot around your body. This should only be used at the end of a rope/line if you are trying to make loops for a team to pull something you will want to check out the Butterfly Bowline Knot.

The Concept of tying the large bowline around your body is the same and can actually be done faster than a regular bowline. Doing it this way allows you to make the bowline knot the right size and more importantly you won’t have to remove your ruck or fit through the knot with your ruck to get the knot situated. Below is a quick video showing you how to do this version of the bowline. (skip to 0:40 for the instructions)

If you need more of a talk through check out this video for the One-Handed Bowline Knot. This version can be used to easily tie a knot around you even with a ruck on while you pull/drag things.

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