Alpine Butterfly Knot

The butterfly loop, also known as lineman’s loop, butterfly knot, alpine butterfly knot and lineman’s rider, is a knot used to form a fixed loop in the middle of a rope. Tied in the bight, it can be made in a rope without access to either of the ends; this is a distinct advantage when working with long climbing ropes. The butterfly knot is really handy when you are trying to make a rope for many people on a team to pull some type of apparatus. The butterfly knot can be used as handles or can be big enough to go around a soldier’s body.

  1. Make a loop in the rope and twist it one full rotation into an eight shape.
  2. Fold the top of the eight down around the bottom of the eight.
  3. Now up and out through the lower opening of the eight and pull tight.

The method shown in the video is good when you have numb hands or if you are using gloves and lack some dexterity.



Also, there is a version for double butterfly



There is a different version of this knot that is easier to untie after a heavy load has been carried. It is not as secure when tension is released but it may be worth it for some situations.

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