SUT Items will see a discount up to 90% off for 55 days or more!

15% Off

Your First Rental

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Low Rates, High Quality

High Quality Gear without paying the High Cost. By renting gear you can take the best stuff to training and have one less thing to worry about.

We know how much it means to you!

No Commitment

Reserve your packing list in advance and we will make sure your gear is clean, and ready to go. 

If you find something better, cancel with fees.

Flexible Schedules, Flexible Rates

Formations, Workouts, and your Life can be busy and trying to put together a packing list can be stressful. 

Stop stressing and get reputable gear cheaper than you’ll find anywhere else.

Multiple Pick-Up Locations

We will deliver your packing list on post. If you are at Student Co. we can delivery to the barracks. If you are flying in, we can delivery en route.

Training Gear

Rent Gear as long as you need to make sure you are ready for Selection or Training at SWCS. 

The price displayed is per day, discounted rate for 30+ days.

SUT Rentals

Use of MALICE, ALICE, and Other Rucks at SUT are Cadre dependent.

The price displayed is per day, up to 90% discounted for 30+ days.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Items will be high quality, clean, and ready for the field. If you are missing something during drop-off, we will rent you that item free of charge.


Early Returns accepted if your Ruck is not allowed for training. If your cadre doesn't allow your pack, we can rent you extra Sustainment Pouches.

If your cadre doesn’t allow your pack, we can rent you Extra Sustainment Pouches.

You can rent your pack before your training to make sure you get accustomed to everything or to do your layouts.


Your packing list will have all the items listed and be without defects.


We will deliver your packing list up to a week before your selection date.


Your packing list will be clean and ready for Selection.


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