The number of prior-service 18x that had some misguided expectations about the process they would take to get to selection is pretty high.

First,  if you are a prior service marine, do army sit-ups – lots of them!

  • “If I am prior-service will I have to go to Basic or OSUT?”

    • If you are prior service without an infantry mos, don’t be surprised if you go through OSUT. Which week of training will depend on the cycles, don’t be surprised if you end up in day 0 or week 2.

  • “How long will it take before I am actually at selection?”

    • After Reception, you will go to “Airborne Hold” until you either go to Airborne or until you go to OSUT and then you will come back to Airborne Hold until you go to Airborne.

  • “Will I be infantry if I don’t make  Selection”

    • Maybe, maybe not. If you are an NCO you might get to go to your current MOS, but it really is the needs of the Army.

Win Five Years to Freedom by Nick Rowe

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  • “If I quit after jump school what happens” 

    • They will take away your jump wings and send you to needs of the Army (not necessarily Infantry ) 

  • “If I quit during or after SFPC what happens”

    • You will be sent to OT (hell on earth) until  you get orders for your new mos ( needs of the Army)

  • “If I get hurt before Selection”

    • You will be held for a while until you are ready to go if your injury requires a longer hold you might be sent to a different company until you are ready or processed out of the Army.



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