Language Bonus for SOF Soldiers


Your assigned language will determine the group you go to. This will also determine the COCOM in which you operate. All language training is 6 months.

You can see information about FLPB (Foreign Language Proficiency Bonus) here

4.ARSOF Soldiers in CMFs 18, 37 and 38(SF,PSYOPS,CA) and those Soldiers assigned to a Special Mission Unit may qualify for FLPB based upon their test scores to include scores below the 2/2 proficiency level. Soldiers may qualify for FLPB below the 2/2 proficiency level for a maximum of three languages: the Soldier’s CLANG, one operational deployment language and one language supporting a Geographic COCOM. Soldiers may receive a maximum of $300 per month for languages below the 2/2 proficiency. This supersedes AR 11-6 paragraph 5-5 £


  1. Soldiers must score a minimum of 1/1 proficiency on their CLANG to become eligible to receive FLPB for an operational deployment language or a language in support of a geographic


  1. Languages on the above Operational Deployment/Geographic COCOM list are paid at the “A” rate while the Soldier is in a deployed status.


  1. CDR, USSOCOM determines the preferred proficiency testing method for SOF linguists. CDR, USSOCOM may direct the use of the Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI) to satisfy a critical mission requirement. Soldiers may qualify for FLPB for languages on the SLL based upon the results of OPis.


If you take your OPI and score over 1+ make sure to also take your DLPT so that you can get paid more than $150 when you get to your unit. OPI only counts for $150 even with a higher score

Language Pay in SOF

Language is pretty important in SOF- Bonuses, Pay, and Career Path. Luckily, even the lower categories are going to be rated for bonuses and monthly pay – when you leave SWCS. 



Language Pay Chart

Language Pay Chart taken from

Language At SWCS


Language ability is one of the differences between SOF soldiers and conventional soldiers.

The language program in your Qualification Course will get you where you need to be. Your language is not guaranteed, so you may find out your language is different from what you thought it was.

However, if you have the time and desire to get a head start or to start expanding your language abilities;  here are a few resources provided for free to you.

 Free Language Resources


Mango Language(funded by OSD)

is a digital language learning program for learners of all levels, with courses in over 70 different foreign languages, 21 English Language Learning courses, and 44 specialty courses designed to celebrate world cultures. Mango Premier offers over 40 streaming international movies which takes the rich cultural input of film and uses it as a medium to teach students language and cultural lessons.

PimsleurImage result for pimsleur(Log In or Register to Access)

The Pimsleur® Method is the foundation upon which every Pimsleur course is built. It’s a scientifically proven set of principles designed to take a learner directly to the heart of the language, eliminating noise, confusion, and information overload. People all over the world are using Pimsleur programs to start speaking, understanding and reading new languages quickly and easily. If you haven’t experienced it for yourself, you may find it hard to believe that something so simple could work so well. Read More…

These Resources are available in CD Format from the MWR Library or the Marquette library in Bank Hall. If you need another language go check out the audiobooks or the digital media player.

Each lesson is 30 minutes long and covers language and culture with no emphasis on writing-Perfect for the OPI. Listen to these without taking notes. Perfect for driving or during a walk.

Head Start 2Image result for headstart2 language

Headstart2 consists of two units containing ten modules each. Unit One (Sound and Script) teaches the basics of the target language in twenty interactive tasks. Unit Two (Military) consists of a total of fifty mission-specific tasks. These tasks are designed according to military training format and include scenarios covering public safety, medical situations, basic command, cordon and search, and even gathering intelligence. Headstart2 also features over 100 PDFs with writing drills that provide the user with the opportunity to practice writing the target script. Other features include animated capstone military scenarios, culture notes, grammar notes, a writing tool, a sound recorder, a glossary, and a cultural resources section. Headstart2 exposes users to more than 1,000 key terms and phrases and provides users with important communication tools that they need in preparation for deployment.

GLOSSImage result for gloss language army

lessons are developed for independent learners to provide them with the learning/teaching tools for improving their foreign language skills. Reading, listening, and video lessons are based on authentic materials (articles, TV reports, radio broadcasts, etc.) and consist of 4 to 6 activities. In-depth feedback accompanies all motivating tasks, providing learners with thorough explanations and tutoring just like an attentive and experienced teacher would do. GLOSS Certificates provide documentation of work accomplished. With more than 7,900 lessons, GLOSS is a valuable resource for maintaining and improving language ability and proficiency. 

DLIFLC Online ResourcesImage result for gloss language army




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