18x ,37x what happens if I don’t get selected?

This question gets asked a lot by people coming into SWCS as an 18X or 37X

If you have the MOS 18x or 37X and you don’t get selected or pass the Q do you become infantry like 11b since you went through OSUT?

Basically, look up what the army is in really high demand for and chances are that you may get stuck doing that MOS. You can follow this link (requires cac login) to see : SHORTAGE – Y/N, BALANCED – N/N, OVER STRENGTH – N/Y.

Reenlistment and Reclassification INOUT Calls (find the link for the most current information, then scroll down until you see the table)



Don’t Self-Select. If you don’t make it you will be waiting anyway, so go through with it and if you have given it all you got and it isn’t for you – you will either not get selected or you can decline and get reclassed. It is all an experience, get as much from it as you can.

-Good Luck

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