If you want to get home safely, but don’t want to leave your car.


DDI of Fayetteville

Phone: 910-488-9451
Hours: 12p.m.-3a.m. Friday-Saturday

*Details: A driver drives you home in your own vehicle – $35 for first 10 miles (see website for fees over 10 miles)

Uber and Lyft both operate in the Fort Bragg area. Lyft allows you to schedule a pickup and both allow you to share the fare with your friends.


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Airborne Taxi 


All-American Taxi


Checker Yellow Cab 



SWCS Community RideShare

Not just for finding rides to the airport or on weekends.

SWCS RideShare Forum allows you to plan a DD with a group of friends going out.


Reach out to a Fellow Soldier,

Don’t Jeopardize Your Career 

Drunk Driving,

NOT worth your Life.

NOT worth your Career.

Think about your career- all the work you have put in to get where you are.

Think about your family – the consequences you will face.

Think about the lives taken by drivers that just wanted to get home after a night out. 

Think about what you are doing tomorrow.




Before You Go Out Tonight,


Drunk Driving is NOT worth your LIFE or Career.

Please don’t take the Risk.

Where are you going?

Who is your designated driver?

Where will you park your car if you can’t drive home?

If your Designated Driver get drunk, Who will drive?

If you lose your phone, how will you get an Uber? Do you know any Taxi Numbers?

If you find someone you want to go home with, who will drive?

How You Can Help.

Volunteer to be a Designated Driver this weekend

Volunteer to be a Designated Driver – SWCS Ride Share


How to get $15/month for Uber Rides for FREE

american express platinum for military

* There are some great credit cards available that have high annual fees which are waived with SCRA.

The American Express Platinum Card is a great example. It has a $550 annual fee that is waived after you submit your SCRA Request .

The benefits include a monthly $15 uber credit.

1.Apply Here , then send your 2.SCRA Request


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