Eventually, you will hear about this book if you haven’t already been exposed to it. Around Camp Mackall, you will see several things pertaining to Rowe. Knowing his story is not only inspiring but helps you as an SWCS Soldier understand why his name can be found on so many things out there.

This is a great read and a good book to take to SFPC – Though I must warn you that it can be a little depressing towards the middle of the book.

When Green Beret Lieutenant James N. Rowe was captured in 1963 in Vietnam, his life became more than a matter of staying alive.

In a Vietcong POW camp, Rowe endured beri-beri, dysentery, and tropical fungus diseases. He suffered grueling psychological and physical torment. He experienced the loneliness and frustration of watching his friends die. And he struggled every day to maintain faith in himself as a soldier and in his country as it appeared to be turning against him.

His survival is testimony to the disciplined human spirit.
His story is gripping.

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