SWCS Academic Handbook FY19

The SWCS Academic Handbook is found on soc.mil and contains a lot of information about Selection and Assessment and the Qualification Courses for Special Forces, Civil Affairs, and Psychological Operations.

Ranger Handbook: Not For The Weak or Fainthearted

The Ranger Handbook has some basic but important things in it. It is not going to keep you entertained for hours and the illustrations are not very good for knots but it is good to have for the basic things you as a Soldier may forget or need to refresh on. More than anything, I use it as a reference to find what I need to know and if I need to learn about it in more detail I will look it up.

DLAB Study Guide

Improve your DLAB  You must pass the DLAB before you are selected. This test will decide which languages are available to you. Buy Now from Amazon About The Complete Dlab guide The Defense Language Aptitude Battery (DLAB) is an exam by the Department of Defense to...

TABE Test Prep and Practice Test Questions

You will be taking the TABE during SFAS, this could be a factor in your Assesment and Selection, so take it seriously. If you are coming back into the military after years away from school you may want to refresh with this study guide. You have the time right now to...

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