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Coming into the QCourse for Special Forces, Psyops, or Civilian Affairs can be confusing. You are here looking for information about the Q. Special Forces Preparation Course, Special Forces Assessment and Selection, Psychological Operations Assessment and Selection, Civil Affairs Assesment and Selection, Special Forces Qualification Course ( SFPC, SFAS, POAS, CAAS, SFQC ). You will find information to prepare for Selection and information to navigate your time at USAJFKSWCS.

You will not find anything here that will G2 the course. SWCS Soldier includes a helpful knot guide, details and prices for the Selection Packing list, a community forum, and a reading list that will inform, motivate and guide you while you are at SWCS. This is not an official or required reading list but it has been helpful to many others in the course.

You will also find helpful links to software, education materials ( such as Rosetta Stone for Free), and other helpful information about the Army Special Operations.

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