Injuries can take you out of the Q and Selection. Use a THOR3 workout to stay ready without injury

Stretch, Ice, and Roll Out

Selection Gear if you   want to get selected


Gear Advice

  • Canteen Straws   –   You will carry 2 Qt canteens on the top of your ruck. Unless you plan on stopping to take a drink you are going to need canteen straws! Very Important for any Selection.
    • Bite Valves.   –   Most canteen straws come with the worst “bite valve” that will leak, get a bite valve replacement.
  • Reusable Ice Bag   –   You will have the opportunity to ice your feet and injuries sometimes. Bags may not always be available. Problem Solved.
  • Darn Tough Socks   –  (Worth it!). Your feet will get wet, no matter the season. These have a lifetime warranty and handle moisture like no other socks can. Your feet are the most vulnerable at Selection. You will not have time to change out socks, put your money where it matters. (These can also be found at the PX)
  • Superfeet insoles    –  for your boots. Your feet will thank you. FAQ
  • Salomon Lace Kit    –  for Running Shoes. The only lace kit worth using.
  • Multi-Tool is what you need to bring,not a knife. The pliers are important for undoing knots during Team Week.
  • Blue Light Headlamps  –  buy a headlamp with a red and BLUE light. The blue light will make reading your map so much easier especially if you highlight draws and other terrain features on your map.
  • Large “Dead Hooker” Duffel Bag  –  This is just easier than stuffing a regular duffel bag when you don’t have much time after layouts. This will come in handy many times during your Qualification Course.
  • SeaLine Map Case – The Small case works well to cover the entire map section that you will cover in a day. The small size case fits nicely into your top or your FLC and has 4 sections for tie-downs.
    • Map Case LPT – Take the Moisture pack from your MRE and keep it in your map case. This will keep your map dry and easy to read.


Special Discounts to use during the Q Course 

These discounts are not limited to your time at SWCS. The discounts below are available to all military members. Benefits change over time and we do our best to update our site.

If you know of any discounts we are missing let us know.

American Express Platinum Card

How $200 Uber credit, access to airport lounges and more without paying the $550/year by using SCRA.

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SUT, Concealed Carry, Long Range, and Much more. 37psr has you covered for everything you need to keep your edge while at Fort Bragg.

If you don’t have your Concealed Handgun Carry Permit yet, check the calendar and get it this month. An NC permit is recognized in most states and allows you to start purchasing in NC. 37PSR has you covered.

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