Before Selection you are going to want to get Educated on the TABE, DLAB, Knots for Team Week, and Map Reading, especially hand railing. You will also want to learn more about the Tribe you are becoming a part of so that you are not caught off guard when you hear it for the first time at SFPC.

After Selection you will shift your focus to SUT and then your MOS for SF, and learning your Language and MOS for CA and PSYOP. This is your job and knowing your job and being able to perform is going to be what defines you. Also

Other Education Links

Including TABE & DLAB practice test, the FTCC associates degree you can get after finishing the Q, and Mind puzzles

Discounts & Finances


These discounts are not limited to your time at SWCS. The discounts below are available to all military members. Benefits change over time and we do our best to update our site. If you know of any discounts we are missing let us know.

American Express Platinum Card

Step by Step guide to get this $550/year card for FREE using SCRA.

20% off Tactical Training at 37PSR Gun Club: Use code: swcsoldier

SUT, Concealed Carry, Long Range, and Much more. 37psr has you covered for everything you need to keep your edge while at Fort Bragg.

If you don’t have your Concealed Handgun Carry Permit yet, check the calendar and get it this month. An NC permit is recognized in most states and allows you to start purchasing in NC. 37PSR has you covered.


Your workouts Prior & Post Selection will be different depending on your MOS and which Tribe you are in. Below are some recommended THOR3 workout and nutrition plans. The key is to remember that the Q and your career is a marathon not a sprint. Injuries can take you out of the Q.


THOR 3 Training Program 

Looking to train up for Selection?

THOR3 covers SWCS for training and nutrition. Check out these Training programs recommended by the Official GoArmySof Training page

Selection Prep

THOR 3 – 6 Week Run/Ruck

SFAS 6 Week Strength Training

THOR 3 – 10 Week Run/Ruck

SFAS 10 Week Strength Training

THOR 3 – 14 Week Run/Ruck

SFAS 14 Week Strength Training


Price Comparison

Use and Update the price comparison spreadsheet to find the best prices from the 1000+ surplus stores in Fayetteville.

Gear Rentals

High Quality Gear without paying the High Cost. By renting gear you can take the best stuff to training and have one less thing to worry about.


Gear Advice

  • Note* What good is a sewing kit if you can’t sew? If you can, take extra Engineer Tape. You can find some in the Craft Section at Walmart or Hobby Lobby. Learn the sewing basics
  • Canteen Straws. Don’t use the bite valves that come with the straw. Crappy design and they will fall off.
    • Bite Valves. These are important unless you intend on dumping your water as soon as you start. Most canteen straws come with the worst “bite valve” that will leak all over the bay and you’ll be “that guy.”
  • Ice Bag. You will have the opportunity to ice your feet and injuries sometimes. Bags may not always be available. Problem Solved.
  • Darn Tough Socks (Worth it!). Your feet will get wet, no matter the season. These have a lifetime warranty and handle moisture like no other socks can.
  • Superfeet insoles for your boots. Your feet will thank you. FAQ
  • Solomon Lace Kit for Running Shoes. The only lace kit worth using.
  • Multi-Tool, not a knife. The pliers are important for undoing knots during Team Week.
  • Compare Batteries for your flashlight and headlamp: article | image
  • Headlamps. buy a headlamp with a red and BLUE light. The blue light will make reading your map so much easier especially if you highlight draws and other terrain features on your map.
  • Large “Dead Hooker” Duffel Bag. This is just easier than stuffing a regular duffel bag when you don’t have much time after layouts. This will come in handy many times during the Q.

Winter Months

  • Smoker’s Jacket. During the winter months, you will see a lot of people wearing this. Easier to pack than the fleece jacket and warmer.
  • Glove Liners. Don’t go with just your issued glove liners, your hands will feel the piercing cold. Get something windproof and waterproof.

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