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Online Resources

Being in the Army gives you access to a lot of resources that people would typically have to pay for. If you are trying to learn a new language, improve your TABE  score, or anything else check out these resources available to you.


Most of the books in this list can be found at Marquat Memorial Library (second floor) in Bank Hall, for check out, or your local MWR Library. There are times when it might be better to buy the books mentioned so I’ve included the link to find these books easily on Amazon. If you feel that a certain book should be added to the list, leave the name and author in the comment section for review.


Knots can make you stand out during selection and training. It is recommended that you learn some knots before you go to Selection. Here are some helpful Knots and Lashings for Selection. Also, consider getting yourself some 1-in Nylon Tubing to practice with.


Community Forums

The forum section is intended to connect SWCS Soldiers. Trade/Buy/Sell Gear, plan events with soldiers in the same community, discuss literature and other helpful materials, and get helpful information about the area. Feel free to create a new topic – if you are not a member yet – Register Here.

NOTE: Please keep in mind that this is a public site and is visible to Non-SWCS Soldiers. Please do not post any personal information or any information about the course that could directly or indirectly G2 the course.


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Coming into the QCourse for Special Forces, Psyops, and Civilian Affairs can be confusing. You are probably here because you are looking for information about Special Forces Preparation Course, Special Forces Assessment and Selection, Psychological Operations Assessment and Selection, Civil Affairs Assesment and Selection, Special Forces Qualification Course ( SFPC, SFAS, POAS, CAAS, SFQC ) or any of the MOS’s that make up the Special Forces and Special Operations.

You will not find anything here that will G2 the course. This is an attempt to create a reading list that will inform, motivate and guide you while you are at SWCS. This is not an official or required reading list but it has been helpful to many others in the course.

You will also find helpful links to software, education materials ( such as Rosetta Stone for Free), and helpful information

Coming into the army and having to learn about the military, regulations, benefits and keeping up with your Selection and QC is a lot to handle.

These question gets asked a lot by people coming into SWCS as an 18X/37X.

Also, check out the Prior-Service 18X FAQ Page.


Q: If I am an 18X and I don’t get selected will I become infantry (11B) since I went through OSUT?

A: If you are an 18X/37X and do not get selected, you will be removed from training and await reclassification at OT. There is a possibility that you could be reclassified as 11B. However, it is more likely that you will be reclassified to the needs of the Army. Here is the current Reenlistment and Reclassification INOUT Calls*

*find the link for the most current information, then scroll down until you see the table): SHORTAGE – Y/N, BALANCED – N/N, OVER STRENGTH – N/Y. CAC Required to view this link



Q: Can I drive while at SWCS ?

A: Yes, you can drive and have your car in most of the parking lots.

Q: Can I ride a motorcycle while at SWCS? Can I drive a motorcycle before Selection?

A: Get with your cadre about this, you will need to get a commander’s letter signed and have your BRC. See your cadre about this.

**Here is more information about the Basic Rider’s Course and the Commander’s Letter


Q: Where is the SWCS Mailroom?

A: The small entrance to the right of the Bryant Hall main entrance. 


Q: What can I do during free time at Fort Bragg before Selection ?

A: Train using the THOR3 Workouts. Explore Raven Rock, Willmington and Raleigh. Learn a language. Get an AAM for donating plasma at the Blood Donor Center

At Selection:

Don’t Self-Select.

If you don’t make it you will be waiting anyway, so go through with it and if you have given it all you got and it isn’t for you-you will either not get selected or you can decline and get reclassed.

It is all an experience, get as much from it as you can.

Information on

This site is Public and not affiliated with USAJFKSWCS. This site and the information found on it is public and accessible in different capacities throughout the internet, books, and video programs.

Keep in mind that this page is open to the public. We try to limit membership to SOF and SWCS soldiers but we cannot verify. 

Community Guidelines

If you participate in the community forum section for selling and buying gear, rideshare, or discussion it is important that you are responsible and not providing information that will G2 the Course or the SWCS facilities, cadre, or procedures.

Use OpSec and good judgment when commenting, discussing, or meeting someone in person.

Special Forces Recruiting link

  • SF Recruiting, Fort Bragg, N.C.: (910) 432-1818
  • SF Recruiting, Fort Stewart, Ga.: (912) 876-6225
  • CA and PsyOps (Active) Recruiting: (910) 432-9697
  • CA and PsyOps (Reserve) Recruiting: (910) 432-5785
  • Ranger Recruiting: (706) 545-5124
  • SOAR (Aviation) Recruiting: (270) 798-9819

Talk to an Army Recruiter.

SF and Psyop have an Initial Entry Option for people joining the Army. Ask a recruiter about it.